Examining the space in science fiction movies between 1902-1968 through the dilemmas and opponents in Edward W. Said’s Orientalism Theory



Orientalism, Edward W. Said, Science fiction, Movie, Design


This article aims to analyze the concept of Orientalism by considering Edward W. Said’s theories on this subject and its critics through science fiction movies. A Trip to the Moon (1902) can be considered as the first movie ever made and also the first science fiction movie. Thus it is an ideal example for the historical reading of science fiction movies. As in previous examples, this study examines the relationship between movies and science fiction to deal with the effect of social events. Therefore, while analyzing the history of science fiction movies, this study aims to examine the transfer of cultural conflict to space. In order to achieve this goal, Edward W. Said’s perspective has been selected, a controversial figure whose works are still influential. In this study, the qualitative research method is used and the observation and interpretation of space in science-fiction movies is discussed. Consequently, this study was developed according to these readings, and it has been derived that there is no evidence of “Said’s Orientalism concept” in the design of Science Fiction Movies.


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